Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting Started

I am not really sure what all needs to be included in this first post, but I will do my best lol. Hopefully I will pull some readers over from my regular blog (which can be found here).

At any rate, I am excited about this class because I have a blog already and I am always curious for ways to make it better. Playing off that, being a photographer I want to be able to share with the world what and how I see things, and a blog is a pretty good way to do that. So, anything that I can do to make my blog better/cooler/more attractive is something that I am interested in learning about. I also plan on spending the summer in Europe studying photography and the easiest way to converse with people back home will be through a blog so I want to know how to showcase my experiences to my friends and family back home. That is why I chose this course to help me with all those things and to give me a little more practice before I leave (hopefully) on May 2nd.

I am a philosophy with an emphasis in religion major and part of that is studying different religions and religious cultures. That is why for this class I have picked to study the Jewish culture (because I am also taking a class on Judaism this semester). I have a long time pen pal (or email pal I suppose would be more correct) who is Jewish and I have always been curious about the Jewish faith/lifestyle since I was raised Christian. I feel like this blog/class will be a good opportunity for me to be able to explore this different culture.

I am also looking forward to this blog because it will give me new subject matter for my photography. I am primarily a sports photographer, so this will give me the opportunity to shoot something different.

I think that is it for the first post. I am not really sure about what I am going to call this blog yet, but we shall see as time goes on.

Until next week,


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