Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week #11 - Interviewing

So, being a photographer, I had already thought of the lighting and composition that I would use in my interviews. I have been thinking about this a lot and I am a little worried because three of the people that I am going to interview are similar figures (a Preacher a Rabbi and a professor) and would look at home in an office type of place, however I think that after a little more thinking, I would like to have the professor in his office (surrounded by books like you see in every History channel special) and the Rabbi and/or Preacher in their synagogue/sanctuary with Jewish/Christian icons in the background. I think that this would add to their position and the feel that I would like for them to convey as "experts" for their respective religions. I don't know how having both of them be in a similar shot will work, though they will probably be in different sections of the video so it could be a good choice to have them in the same type of shot. (This is something that I will think more on.)

I have also made plans to interview the Lasser family while they are at Sunday School (when I post these interviews I will give a little more information on what Jewish Sunday School is like) because this will strengthen the view of them as laypeople, yet also as instructors (and students in the case of the daughter) of Jewish people - which will make the questions I ask them about current Jewish issues seem more relevant - since they both teach in Sunday School.

In about an hour I am going to get my first interview and then I am going to sit down with final cut pro and figure out what it is all about (though I may make a quick video in iMovie first to play with some HD settings) and so later today I will have the first part of my final video.

I will make a post on that and something else that I did this week relating to Jewish culture later today.

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