Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week #9 - "Storyboarding" for Final Project Videos

For the final video project I plan to make one video with three sections (personal experience/professional relevance/current cultural issue) and then upload/produce it in three parts. (Basically it could be watched all in one sitting back to back, but each would also be able to stand alone.)

I am not sure how the first part of my video will look (the personal reflections part) because I have not been able to get many (or many different) pictures of my cultural experience due to my cultural experience being more about learning the history and values of a people through books and studying rather than through traveling/doing things within the host culture. I am sure that I will be able to obtain more photos (and possibly some video/audio from my cultural investigation, however I would like for most of the video to be me talking about my experiences and what I have learned. Possibly thinking about it being me sitting infront of the camera with small clips and cuts to pictures/vids which show better my experiences. Having it like this would make it flow better and fit with the way that I would like for the other two videos to be.

For the other two sections I would like for the videos to be kind of interview heavy as I feel like having people from Jewish culture answering questions about the culture would give a better feel for the culture than still images because there are really only so many icons from Jewish culture that can be helpful in understanding the culture. Because Jewish culture is more focused on stories and history, I feel that having members of this culture tell/explain it would give a better feel for this.

In the professional relevance section of the final project I would like to interview my Pastor from my home church as well as my current Judaism professor as well as possibly the Rabbi from the temple where I have been attending services. This is relevant for me because I would like to end up as a Professor of Religion after all of my studies are done, so I would be focusing this section on the question, "How is it beneficial in this profession (Pastor/Rabbi/Religion Professor) to know about the history of the Jewish people and their culture?" and "What influence has Jewish culture had on the spheres of religion?"

The third, and final, section of my video would focus on the Zionist movement within Jewish culture and what it means for the Jewish people as a whole and how other parts of Judaism view that particular movement. I would like a range of answers on this so I plan to interview my Rabbi, my professor, and the Lasser family so that I can get a laymen's view on this subject. (The Lasser family includes Dr. Lasser who is head of the Honor's college here at Clemson and is a professor, but not of religion, and his wife, and daughter who just went through her bat mitzvah.) The questions will include opinions on the movement from the conservative, reform, and orthodox movements mindset as well as the importance of a Jewish national state, the relevance of messianic thoughts/elements in Jewish culture, and if/how it is culturally relevant to today's youth. For this part the interviews will follow a brief history of the Zionist movement and what it means to the Jewish people (and what the importance of the Messiah is to them) by me.

I am sure that as I flush out the questions and do more thinking on the subject this project will evolve and grow, but I feel like this is a good starting point for the project.

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